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Categorize this under the heading WTF is GOING ON HERE!?

In the last 24 hours the Republican Study Committee drafted legislation to completely eliminate funding for the National Endowment for the Arts- a government organization that helps fund over $4 BILLION dollars to arts organizations, arts grants, artists and tons of other things like non profit dance companies after school dance programs etc.

At first, they proposed a $12 million dollar cut, then expanded to a $24 million dollar cut, and now this.

If you feel like voicing your opinion on these new propositions then go to the Americans for the Arts website to send different customizable messages to representatives in congress.

The National Endowment supports tons of local dance organizations in Boston like Boston Dance Alliance, so it’s crazy to think how it’s elimination could affect so many.

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Dancing in Bars and Brian The One Man Show

Friday night we checked out West End Johnnies, a semi new bar by the Garden, for our friend May’s birthday celebration. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAY!)

The night started out with an amazing cab ride from who may be the best taxi driver in the Boston Metro area. His name is Brian. After he told us about his solo membership in the Cambridge Middle Age Lesbian Interpretive Dance Ensemble this is a glimpse of what went down:

Tambourine + Flashlight = impromtu party cab disco dance party. Brian, thank you. I hope we meet again.

The atmosphere at West End Johnnies is pretty trendy and there is semi- big dance floor. All of the bouncers and security were SUPER into working there, and there was a nice mix of guidos from the North End and drunk Celtics fans just getting out of the game. There was one seven foot tall DJ Pauly D look-a-like that really got me excited.

While we did get our dance on hard, there was a definite lack of female pop songs in the club. The DJ didn’t even drop the new Britney single. (shaking my fist) Side note- Only 11 more days until the  “Hold it Against Me” video is released! OMG wherever that room is that’s playing all of Britney’s videos at once is , I want to be there. It reminds me of the Wave Bar in Provincetown.

In the end, I think I’d go to West End Johnnies again but maybe not super soon.

Dance Meter: Our roommate, and legendary dancer, Rob never once dropped down to his knees to break it down. That’s saying something. 6 out of 10.

Music: There wasn’t anyone taking any rides on Disco Sticks but it was still pumping

Class Factor: Zero drinks spilled on me the whole night! Success.


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Something to Dance About-For Gigi

So, I lack a great deal of dance history knowledge.  I never grew up learning classical ballet, and I’ll admit before watching this documentary I didn’t even know who exactly Jerome Robbins was. My Grandma Gigi likes to send me these things because she’s told me since I was 10 years old that if I didn’t know ballet and I didn’t know all the choreographers of her time that I could never REALLY know anything about dance let alone teach it. (She can be feisty) But sometimes Grandma’s are just right. Hopefully this blog will encourage me to learn more about dance and its roots.

That’s how the documentary “Jerome Robbins Something to Dance About” came into my hands.  It originally aired on PBS and my grandma watched it, ordered it and had it sent to my house immediately which I for some reason didn’t find time to watch it until two years later. (Really sorry Gigi)

Of course one of the most well known choreographers began his dancing career only after dropping out of studying Chemistry in college and just deciding on a whim to dedicate his life to dance. (Boys) The documentary takes the viewer through Robbins entire life as a dancer, choreographer, and director.

Robbins had a hand in what seems like starting in the late 60’s including the birth of shows like West Side Story, Peter Pan, Gypsy. He had this way of merging the plot and the characters with dance in musical theater that made it seem natural for real characters to start dancing in believable but also very beautiful ways. AKA tough new york street gang members getting into brawls.

Nothing and I mean nothing says it’s on like a couple of snaps and some chasses

That clip makes me giddy like a five year old watching the Nutcracker for the first time every time I watch it.   Fun fact: Robbins was such a perfectionist that when directing the movie version of West Side Story, he was  actually fired before production finished because the film was so over budget. The only dance scene that wasn’t directed by him was the Dance at the Gym.  I hold a special place for West Side Story in my heart due to my first and only musical theater role as Riff’s girlfriend, Velma.

Robbins also directed many ballets and worked with greats such as George Balenchine. There are some sweet moments in the documentary where Robbins works in the studio with Mikhail Baryshnikov, and Baryshnikov talks in his sexy Russian accent about how much he misses Robbins today.

And you know what? So do I. -J

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Hello everyone and welcome to danceboston! Spawned by our love of dance, the city of boston, and unemployment it  has come to our attention that while we love spending our time reading delicious recipe blogs and great celebrity dish websites there is really no great source of information and discussion on the boston dance scene.

And so it happened: one afternoon after a lovely Brian Crabtree modern class at the Dance Complex (more to come soon on that), hopped on on espresso drinks, and stranded inside on a snow day that this page was born.

Visit here to read our latest and greatest thoughts on different boston area dance classes, dance related movies, books, and last weekends best dance party.

Here’s a clip to get us started from Paula Abdul’s latest production “Live to Dance”. The dancing starts about 45 seconds in.  How great are these folks? I’m inspired.


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